About CyberObserver

Developed by IT & security professionals from the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office, Cyber Observer is a breakthrough Cybersecurity Orchestration & Awareness management platform, unmatched by any other solution currently on the market. The Cyber Observer patented platform is targeted at CISO’s and C-level managers. It provides a real-time single pane of glass overview of the entire enterprise cyber security eco-system based on Cyber Security Domains.

Key benefits of our value proposition are:

  1. The Cyber Observer platform automatically provides information when security and related tools are not optimized, misconfigured or lacking and a detailed work plan on how to improve.

  2. CyberObserver reveals the security gaps in each security domain and delivers continuous proactive recommendations significantly improving security status.

  3. Finally, the patented analytics engine continuously calculates real-time measurements that represent normal behaviour and alerts immediate on deviation.

Implementation on any corporate network takes just a few hours including thousands of predefined critical security controls(CSCs) used for automated cyber security health checks providing immediate value. If this is relevant to you we'd welcome the opportunity to present our solution in a more detailed manner.

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