Web Application Security

Attackers are always on the search for the next target. The wide variety of services web applications deliver are critical for both the organization's and the customer's success.While Web Applications deliver a clear advantage, they can also become the opposite when weak secure coding practices expose the organization to attacks which traditional network and information security solutions are not designed to address.

All The CODE

Applications are built using both in-house developed code and a significant percentage is based on Open Source libraries and projects. Vulnerabilities in either could have a devastating impact on the security of the user and organization data, whether financial, personal or any other sensitive information stored by the organization to deliver services effectively.

Continuous Releases

Time to market deadlines have become very aggressive and product releases are becoming more frequent (sometimes multiple times a day). This increase the risk of exposing code vulnerabilities due to lack of attention to security in the code.

HungiSOLUTIONS provides comprehensive application security testing solutions allowing organizations to effectively reduce application risk. Our solutions are designed to protect your applications cyberattacks targeting the application layer by delivering critical security intelligence and remediation advice before applications are deployed and when there is still time to address the risks.


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