Mobile Applications Security

Mobile applications have become an integral part of daily personal and business activities. Users, both employees and customers, rely on mobile applications to store their data and manage their daily tasks. It’s the application vendor's responsibility to keep the end user's information safe and avoid data leakage. A mobile application breach can be devastating not only to the end user but to the entire organization as well

Identify & Fix as They are Created

Our solution is a powerful Source Code Analysis (SCA) solution designed for identifying, tracking and fixing technical and logical security flaws from the root: the source code. With the proliferation of mobile applications and the ever-changing mobile operating systems, this task requires a unique approach specifically designed to address the mobile landscape.

Supports All Mobile Languages, Frameworks and Operating Systems

We offer a unique solution adapted to the ever-growing landscape of mobile applications. Both native and hybrid application development bear their own risks. Implementing code security during development and across multiple frameworks is critical to ensure vulnerability free applications. Our solution supports analysis on all major coding languages for Android, iOS and Windows including Adobe's popular Phonegap framework.


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